Adopt a Night

Click here to “Adopt a Night” of hope and comfort to sick children and their families.

LeachFam1-adopt-a-nightThe last thing we want our families to worry about is whether they can afford to stay together. Each family is asked to pay a guest fee of $15 per night. Even though the cost for us to care for each family is $120 a night, no family is turned away for their inability to pay for their stay. Not having to worry about meeting their basic needs means parents can focus on what’s really important: their family and the health of their child

The Ronald McDonald House gives 365 days of caring for 36 families every night and over 1,000 each year. This equates to providing 13,140 nights of comfort each year for families suffering through pediatric medical crisis. During these difficult times, families have a respite from the hospital environment.

The Ronald McDonald House gives kids, parents and extended family and friends a home-away-from-home where they can find refuge, compassion, encouragement and sustenance. Click here to meet the Leach Family.

We invite you to give hope and comfort to families by subsidizing a family’s stay at Maryland’s Ronald McDonald House. Our goal is to have every family sponsored, every night of every year. Your generosity will help parents sleep a bit easier.

Donate Today

You can Adopt a Night in celebration of someone special. Let us know the date and the reason and we’ll send a Thank You on that day and tell them about a family being helped in their honor.

For more information on subsidizing a family’s stay, contact Debbie Hood, Development Director, at 410.528.1010 ext. 105 or

We invite you to bring strength and hope to families by subsidizing a family’s stay at the Baltimore Ronald McDonald House. Your donation is a powerful source of courage and strength to our families. Thanks to your generosity, parents will sleep a bit easier.